Heroes of the Everflame

The Heroes Receive a Bloody Welcome to Absolam

Pathfinder Society Quest: Ambush in Absalom


Lady Ofarah revealed a ring gate leading into the Conundrum archives of Lamasara containing the records of the past 100 years of Thuvian auctions for the sun orchid elixir. The Heroes of the Everflame journeyed into the lower dungeon to find themselves faced with several puzzles involving the elements.


They faced tougher than expected opposition from a trio of earth elementals, made their way across the standing poles of the air node, crossed the ring of fire, solved the riddle of the four cups and finally made their way into the archives proper. They were beset upon by a cadre of skeletal warriors and two Hieracosphinxes that guarded the archives within.


The party overcame the guardians and absconded with a chest and a set of archives that had been left out purposefully for them to find. They returned through the ring gate and to the Grand Lodge of Absolam where they presented the archives to Kreighton Shaine, Master of Scrolls of the Pathfinder Society.

Later in the week, the Heroes were invited to take the Oath of the Pathfinder Society with a few other graduating initiates. The party was escorted to a chamber deep inside the Grand Lodge where they were joined by Ambrus Valsin, Kreighton Shaine, and Ollysta Zadrian, venture-captain of the Silver Crusade of the Pathfinder Society. They were led through the oath and completed the ceremony by casting light with their wayfinders.

The next day, the Heroes were called in to the office of venture-captain Ambrus Valsin who sent them on an assignment into the sewers of Absolam to find a messenger that had gone missing the day before.

As the party approached the messenger’s trail in the sewers, they heard a cry for help. Racing around the corner, they discovered a scene of carnage with bodies and body parts laying around in bloody heaps. The cry for help came from a young woman, Valestra who said she had been on her way home from a party in the Wise District when she was attacked and woke up here in the sewers.


While the party helped Valestra to her feet, they were attacked from behind by the lumbering figure of Werner Bvuld aka “Blood Face” (escaped from the Asylum in the Wise Disctrict) who had been hiding beneath the pile of bodies. Caught off guard, the warriors could do little but react as the behemoth struck suddenly and viciously. Blood Face cornered Eletho and struck him across the face, destroying his right eye and leaving him blinded and helpless.

Ug and Loki sprung into action and were able to strike the killer down. As they turned to help Valestra, Blood Face rose silently behind them and attacked once more. They were able to survive the second onslaught and took time to behead Blood Face – ensuring that his evil would spread no further.

The heroes sat and tended their wounds as Ele was left in a bloodied state by the sudden attack.



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