Heroes of the Everflame

Goblins, Bugbears, and Kaiju! Oh, My!

Pathfinder Society Scenario: 04-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild


The Heroes of the Everflame were approached by a member of the Decemvirate with instructions to journey to Varisia and work with venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch. He encouraged them to help her fortify the presence of the Pathfinder Society in Magnimar. The night before they were to set out across the Inner Sea, they were approached by another high ranking member of the Pathfinder Society this time in the form of the venture-captain of the Silver Crusade, Ollysta Zadrian.

Ollysta warned the young pathfinders of the rising threat of the Asmodean Church in Kassen’s Hold and the potential danger that could possibly lead to for all of Nirmathas. Zadrian ended her petition with an offer of support should the Heroes of the Eveflame ever establish a lodge and the need for a venture-captain east of Varisia. The adventurers wrapped up their business in Absalom and prepared themselves for the long journey across the Inner Sea.

17th Neth, 4715.

The Heroes of the Everflame were given passage on aboard a naval ship leaving from the port of Escadar. They sailed across the Inner Sea, past the horn of Cheliax and out into the Arcadian Ocean.


10th Kuthona, 4715.

The ship continued up along the coast to the Streaming Sea and finally Varisia. There, they came to port at the docks of Magnimar and made their way to the Alabaster District and the gates of Heidmarch Manor. They were greeted by Erbylis, an half-elven fighter and retired blacksmith that now serves as the gate-keeper to the Heidmarch home.

After revealing themselves to be pathfinders, the party was escorted to the main building and welcomed by Sheila Heidmarch, venture-captain of Varisia. Sheila thanked them for coming and explained that they would operate out of one of the cottages near the manor for the time being. She encouraged them to rest and explore the city while awaiting their first assignment.


11th Kuthona, 4715.

The party members took a day to travel into Magnimar and see the sights while taking care of their individual faction obligations. They returned after a long day in the City of Monuments to find a small goblin rifling through their belongings in House Bakrahkan. Morgolar, the ranger, stumbled in on the goblin just as the small humanoid dropped out of the second story window to the courtyard below.

The tiny creature dropped and rolled to her feet not far from Ken the Kitsune who was making his way to the Heidmarch Manor to request an audience with Sheila Heidmarch. Ken was impressed by the dexterous abilities of the goblin and seemed rather non-plussed to see the creature scamper over to the manor walls and begin squeezing through a narrow opening below the wall where the ground had shifted.

Ken, Morgolar and his animal companion, Artemis the wolf, gave chase after the fleeing goblin. The elusive creature got off to a good head start but the ranger and Kitsune were both quick on their feet. The ranger raced ahead to corner the goblin just as Ken was able to leap and tackle the creature as it struggled to get through a jostling crowd in the streets of Magnimar. They dragged the goblin back kicking and screaming to Heidmarch Manor.

After a rather comical interrogation sequence which saw the goblin confusing the Pathfinders by claiming to only speak the goblin language, it accidentally outed itself by claiming the same while speaking common. Loki and Ug were able to communicate with the creature in its native tongue and after placating it with the fistfuls of salted jerky, the goblin revealed her name to be “Ekkie” along with her brother, Plarg. She pointed to the hollowed out skull she cradled in the other arm when speaking of her brother – whom according to her, spoke right back.

Ekkie told the Pathfinders that she was coerced into stealing a wayfinder from the Heidmarch Manor by a mysterious leader of the so-called Nightsoil Gang. Ekkie offered to lead the adventurers to the Nightsoil hideout – deep in the sewers of Magnimar.


The next day, Ekkie and Plarg led the Heroes to a knackery in the Lowcleft District that served as the entrance to the gang’s headquarters. Ekkie led the group into the dark sewers running beneath Magnimar until they reached a break in the tunnels where the wall had been broken down to join with a subterranean structure adjacent to the sewers. The goblin gang had taken over an abandoned thieves guild hidden beneath Magnimar and used it to hide out while they plotted their next move.

Ekkie warned that there were guards ahead, but that they were most likely busy playing a game called “Rat-a-tat.” Ken and Deadelon tried to sneak up on the guards to use charm person, but the Kitsune spotted a pitfall trap in the hall ahead of them. As he began working to disarm the trap, the goblins threw vials of explosive alchemical fire at the party. Daedelon was able to sleep most of the sentries while Ug cleaved a few in two with his greatsword.

The party continued on into what was at one time a thieves guild underground hideout. Ken the kitsune stealthily sneaked ahead to check out the various rooms in the complex. Unfortunately, Ken’s dependence on light led to breaking his stealth as the goblins were used to working in full dark using darkvision to see. As the rogue tried to peek around the corner, he found himself pelted with powerful alchemical bombs from overhead.


The rest of the party rushed in to help to find that the room was divided in two due to the ceiling collapsing from overhead leaving the floor of the next room wedged twenty feet up. The goblin alchemists hid among a smattering of alchemist tables and beakers, making them harder to hit in combat. The chief-alchemist used vomit swarm to spew a spider swarm down on the adventurers making combat and spell-casting harder.

Ug lead the charge up a broken slab to the level above and beheaded several of the alchemists while Daedelon and Morgolar dropped the rest with magic missiles and a volley of arrows respectively. They quickly searched the area and discovered a roughly drawn chalk map of Magnimar on the wall – depicting burning buildings and dead people, chopped up dogs, and dying horses.

The pathfinders took stock and steeled themselves to continuing deeper into the thieves hideout. Ken and Ug lead the way which after a long stretch of empty tunnels intermittently broken by a short flight of stairs, lead back to the open sewers. The Heroes came around the corner to find themselves face to face with the largest goblin they had ever seen.


Hubrun the kaiju goblin smashed the ground with his fists and waded forward through the deep water of the sewer cavern to attack the party. Hiding behind Hubrun on the platform across the open sewers, the goblin bard Versevosh cast grease. The grease spell covered the ground beneath the party making traversing the already treacherous underground terrain that much more difficult.

Ug managed to dodge the ponderous fists of Hubrun and rushed in to stab the overgrown goblin in the chest. Ug watched in amazement as the recently inflicted wounds simply sealed closed the moment his blade left the kaiju’s skin. Daedelon used arcane step to teleport to the other side of the sewer near the spellcasting bard, but was unable to escape the reach of the powerful goblin giant. Hubrun backhanded the arcanist and slapped the kitsune back into the corner.

Not to be deterred, Ug gathered his strength and struck with all of his might managing to stab his blade through the goblin beast’s skin and into his heart killing him instantly. Seeing his larger comrade fall in battle, the bard, Versevosh, fled on his running goblin dog.

With the goblin kaiju lying face down in the sewers, the party continued on through the next rooms where they found the goblin dog kennel. Ekkie used a handful of jerky to draw the goblin dogs out and sent them free down the open tunnel.

With that, the Heroes of the Everflame came to the final door of the complex and were greeted by a booming voice from the other side; “The door is open. You may as well come in and talk.”


They entered to find a hulking female bugbear seated upon a makeshift throne. Inoklar the bugbear guild leader petitioned the heroes to come forward, offering to parlay. As Ken the kitsune approached to talk, his trap sense spotted a trespasser’s boot trap in the room ahead. The party realized they were surrounded by goblins hiding, rather inexpertly, behind the various columns of the makeshift throne-room.

Realizing that the party spotted her trap, Inoklar called for the goblins to attack and threatened to kill Ekkie if she didn’t turn and attack the adventurers immediately. Ekkie refused to turn on her newfound companions stating that she was happy they had given her “fireworks and jerky and killed all the horses” just for her. Ekkie rushed forward and attacked Inoklar with her dogslicer. Daedelon and ug cornered the bugbear and brought it down through a combination of lightning bolts and sword blows.


They discovered the goblin guild’s treasure chest hidden behind the throne; in it a set of documents detailing Inoklar’s plan to turn the various guilds, merchants and organizations of Magnimar against each other. The party returned to Heidmarch Manor and revealed the documents to Sheila Heidmarch, who pointed out that they had also found a bronze badge of an Aspis Consortium agent. This was a rare find indeed. Sheila noted that the Pathfinder Society would need to know about this and that she would keep the Aspis badge under lock and key.

The Heroes were congratulated for their service. They welcomed Ekkie into the party as an unofficial mascot and let her bunk down on the couch in House Bakrakhan. They settled into their new homes to rest for the first time and were left to wonder what tomorrow would bring inside the City of Monuments.



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