Heroes of the Everflame

Into the Darkness of the Blakros Museum

Pathfinder Society Scenario #35: Voice in the Void


The Pathfinders returned to the Grand Lodge to recover from their wounds suffered at the hands of the Blood Brothers. Later that week, they were approached by master of scrolls, Krieghton Shaine, who stated that he had been asked to reward the heroes with a Harrow reading. Shaine performed the reading for the Heroes, with each drawing a card that was tied to their destiny. They rested and regained their strength over the next few days and generally took advantage of being in the City at the Center of the World.

Lamashan 9th, 4715

The Heroes of the Everflame were summoned into the office of venture-captain Adril Hestram. The notorious Blakros Museum in the Wise District of Absolam called for a favor from the Pathfinder Society. Hestram asked the Heroes to look into the disappearance of adventurer Imrizade Blakros, who had recently returned to the museum from Osirion only to vanish in the lower levels of the building.


The Heroes were led to the lower levels of Blakros where they entered a room marked “Storeroom 1” which was filled with an assortment of stuffed animals from across Golarion. Phase spiders, dire wolves, gorillons, charou-kau, and derhii winged gorillas filled the floor of the chamber with the great imposing skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus looming over them all. As the Heroes made their way through, they were surprised when the bones of the Tyrannosaurus sprung to life and began throwing them about.

The giant skeleton was resistant to the cold spells of the druid Matthis, but the sturdy blades of Ug the Invincible and Eletho the magus were able to bring it down. It was decided that Matthis should scout ahead using his wildshape ability to turn into an earth elemental and slide through the floors and walls of the museum. He was able to make his way through the next few rooms and discovered that a strange fungal growth had overtaken portions of the anterior rooms.

He returned to report his findings to the group who then decided to continue on through the next room which was filled with crates and boxes for storage. Ug and a few of the others decided to search through the room for missing papers and artifacts when someone noticed a strange ooze covering the wall near the door to the south. Upon closer examination, the black ooze sparkled and shone with glowing iridescent runes. As they studied the runes, a large mythic black pudding dropped down from the ceiling to land on Ug and Ele.

The party quickly moved to get out of the acidic reach of the black pudding but not before Matthis was exposed to its touch with the beast’s acid burning through his clothing and possessions. They moved into the third storeroom and discovered the alien flora that the druid had spied earlier. While they were making their way carefully past the otherworldly plant life, they were surprised by a strange tentacled humanoid that blasted them with a sudden burst of psionic energy. Both Ug and Luna were left helpless by the psionic attack while Ele and Matthis were able to survive the ambush from the robed humanoid. When the tentacled man was knocked to the ground, his body collapsed in a pile of winding tentacles that had up until then, only held the shape of a man.


Matthis wildshaped once more and continued into “Storeroom 2”, where the statues were kept in storage. As he searched the room, he discovered a set of black vellum scrolls in the bottom of a statue. Two of the statues near the door sprung to life as they were in fact gargoyles that were waiting for someone to come by. The two guardians battered the druid to the ground leaving the rest of the Heroes of the Everflame guessing as to what the commotion was about.

Ug and Ele led the charge into the room to find Matthis lying in a rocky pile in the middle of the floor. The gargoyles jumped on the adventurers and continued their assault. The heroes were able to survive the surprise and bashed the two animated statues down into a pile of rubble.

Matthis continued scouting and moved into the hidden shaft that they had discovered in the back room. He journeyed down the slime-coated shaft into a hidden chamber carved from rock. On the floor sat a small nondescript box in front of a large black curtain separating the chamber from another chamber beyond. Strange sickly green light bled through the edges of the curtain to bathe the walls in its dull glow.


The druid returned and led the party back down the tunnel. They decided to open the box on the floor, so Luna was chosen to inspect it under the guise of detect traps. Ele’s detect magic determined that the box was under a magic aura to make it radiate abjuration magic. Luna decided to throw caution to the wind and flung the chest open wide – both triggering the electrical arc trap and releasing the swarm of centipedes hidden within.

Combat ensued and it wasn’t long before the missing Blakros museum guards emerged from beyond the curtain – attacking mindlessly with their eyes rolled into their heads. Ug attempted to knock one out with the flat of his blade, but the guard’s skull caved in like papier mache at his touch. The guards had strange holes in their temples that oozed green and black.

Ele unleashed a flaming sphere to handle the swarm attack and the black curtain was torn down, revealing a ancient portal to another world glowing green at the end of the chamber. Flanking the portal were Imrizade Blakros – now covered in some strange gooey growth and another of the strange tentacled humanoids like the party had battled earlier.


Ug charged at the group – but was stopped in his tracks by a field of black tentacles cast by Imrizade. The tentacle creature blasted the group with another psionic sap will, leaving Luna staring helplessly at the ceiling and babbling like an idiot. Matthis the druid wildshaped into an earth elemental and crossed through the earth using earthglide to attack Imrizade and the tentacle man. Matthis and his elementals were able to subdue Imrizade. Ele shouted instructions to Matthis on how to deactivate the portal and remove the strange metal cylinder that was powering it.

The Heroes were able to rescue Imrizade without killing her or animating her as an undead skeleton and returned her safely to the care of the Blakros Museum. In so doing, they helped the Pathfinder Society gain the trust of the the Blakros Family and were rewarded with access to their vast archives.

Later at the Grand Lodge, the heroes shared their findings with the Master of Scrolls, Kreighton Shaine, who explained that the strange creatures with tentacles were actually members of the Phrenic Scourge – an otherworldly race bent on intergalactic subjugation. The portal they discovered was connected to the enigmatic planet Aucturn in the furthest, coldest reaches of Golarion’s solar system.




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