Bassam the Pestilient


Bassam, who would become known as the Pestilent, was born in filth. He was one of a dozen ratfolk in a litter spawned beneath the streets in the reeking sewers of Tamran. Life was brutal for the sewer ratfolk, with disease and persecution from the men in the above city taking their toll on body and mind. The ratfolk were forced to move about the above streets at night to avoid being seen by men who wanted to exterminate them.

The sewer ratfolk became little better than animals; they fought over scraps and mates, fled at the sight of man, and gave up hope for most creature comforts. In this savage environment, only the cleverest, meanest, or largest survived. Bassam was different, not in temperament, but in intellect. Despite his filthy home and savage lifestyle, his mind was sharp and curious. He sneaked into the crawlspaces of libraries and universities and observed the frightening humans.

Bassam learned to read and stole books to further his education. His hunger for knowledge was a voracious as his appetite for food, and he read and listened to everything he could. He stole more books as well as laboratory supplies and taught himself the basics of alchemy which he pursued with wicked glee. He rightly saw this as a tool for gaining power and respect. Being the runt of the litter, Bassam was routinely beaten and kept from food and other acquired goods. This changed the day he successfully crafted his first alchemical bomb. As flaming bits of his primary tormentor splattered over the rest of the clan, Bassam went from weakest to the most feared. He had learned the value of a well-placed bomb or a perfectly timed poisoning. From that moment, Bassam was in control.

Under his leadership, the ratfolk planned more precise and organized forays into the
surface world. No longer did they just take the unattended items; they waged nighttime warfare on the dregs of human society. They stole food and captured slaves; however, it took a long time for mankind to take notice because the ratfolk repeatedly targeted the poor, the criminal, or the diseased.

By the time the ratfolk became truly noticed, they had become strong in number and brave in heart. The men of the city declared war on the menacing ratfolk, and bloodshed ensued. Bassam, leading solely through fear and power, directed his people the best he could. However, the ratfolk soon feared men as much as Bassam. Not a natural leader, the alchemist could not hold the clan together. They realized the alchemist was leading them into destruction and if they laid low once again, men would forget about them. Although costly, the clan exiled Bassam and left him to his own devices.

Burning with rage, Bassam vowed vengeance on all those who wronged him and became a fearsome agent of terror. He bombed targets at will and took out his hatred on all crossing his path. Eventually he joined the Church of Razmir to sign up for an expedition to leave his home city and spread his flaming destruction and plagues among men, dwarves, and elves across the continent.

Bassam partnered with Telez the Tengu and abandoned the Church of Razmir to head to Kaer Maga. In the Undercity beneath Kaer Maga, Bassam was confronted by the Heroes of the Everflame. He escaped to warn Emmerick Trommler that his former slave Telez had been captured by the Heroes. Bassam was slain in the streets of Kaer Maga during a confrontation between Trommler’s lackies and the Heroes of the Everflame.

Bassam and his brothers are considered members of the Undying Legion.

Bassam the Pestilient

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