Ekkie, like her compatriot Ranzak, likes to eat, stab, and steal, not necessarily in that order. She is often found in the company of her older brother, Plarg, whose skull she craddles in her arms.


Hello, Longshanks Hearing Ekkie’s Words through Glowing Box! I first meet friendly longshanks in town named Magnimar. Ekkie was just trying to make ends meet, put food in mouth and roof on head, so Ekkie joined fearsome goblin guild named Nightsoil Marauders. Is good, scary name: Nightsoil Marauders!

Anyway, Ekkie was sneaking through a longshank house filled with shinies and foods, taking things for the guild and for Ekkie, when the mangiest, barkiest, poodliest of dogmeats sneaks up on me and starts barking. “Bark!” it says. “Bark bark bark! Bark bark bark!” Always alerting the sleeping longshanks. Poodles are the WORST. And poodles don’t even taste good, mostly because the curly hairs get stuck between goblin teeth.

Stupid poodle will not shut up, so longshanks come and chase me up and down and all around the town. That part is fun, but eventually they catch up to me and want all this talking and doing and not stealing and not eating. Nightsoil Marauders are—what is longshanks words again?—"unfortunate casualties," so Ekkie is alone again. But longshanks? Longshanks are “noble adventurers,” which means sneaking and stabbing and eating, but with getting paid afterward. Seems like a good gig to Ekkie. So now, Ekkie is an adventurer!


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