Emmerick "The Impaler" the Inquisitor of Asmodeus


Emerick was once a quiet, unassuming young man trying to find his place in the world while living in a small farming community in northern Cheliax. He was even considering proposing to the sheriff’s daughter, Anselma. All that changed when the priests of Asmodeus arrived claiming the town was built on the ruins of an ancient temple.

While the faithful excavated, their leader, a violent inquisitor, put the townsfolk
under the knife for his own amusement. He slowly murdered the townspeople one-by-one. He found Emerick particularly resolute and resistant to his ministrations. Intrigued, the inquisitor got creative and knew he had broken the half-elf when Emerick broke down in laughter under the torturer’s tools. Sensing a kindred spirit, the inquisitor inducted Emerick into his dark religion.

For years Emerick learned the ways of hunting and torture flavored by his newfound love for Asmodeus. He excelled in his studies and proved the ideal protégée. Emerick became a trusted and capable servant of the church and master of seeking enemies of the faith. After a bit of engineering, he framed his mentor as a heretic and took weeks personally handling his execution. His creativity earned him a promotion; now, he travels the world hunting enemies of Asmodeus.

Emmerick "The Impaler" the Inquisitor of Asmodeus

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