Jeerlock Fleshburn the Goblin Elementalist


Jeerlok was destined for goblin greatness which is to say the standard was fairly low. He was slave to a powerful bloatmage named Xandros serving the cult of Abraxas. Jeerlok’s job was scrubbing the floors which he did with utmost enthusiasm and skill; that is to say, not very well. The puny pitiful goblin was kicked around and basically overlooked allowing him to observe all nature of unwholesome things while going about his sudsy duties. Jeerlok was not like most goblins, though. Within his bulbous head rested a brain nearly as large; Jeerlok was incredibly intelligent, simply uneducated. He found himself intrigued by the dark magic Xandros worked, especially those involving summoning fiery demons! After all, Jeerlok shared the deep seated love of flame common to so many of his kin.

The young goblin began imitating the gestures and words of his master until he was caught one day by one of his apprentices. Amused and curious, the apprentice started tutoring the goblin in secret and was amazed when Jeerlok showed a staggering aptitude for magic. In short order the apprentice found himself outpaced by the goblin and decided Jeerlok had to go. He attempted to murder Jeerlok in the middle of the night, but the panicked goblin unleashed a spell of flame and burned the apprentice to death! Terrified, he grabbed several of the apprentice’s possessions and fled into the night.

Xandros discovered his slain apprentice but took no notice that Jeerlok was missing. It never occurred to him that his apprentice’s obviously magically-induced death would be caused by something as insignificant as a goblin. A search was on for an unknown arcanist, not a stinking, scrawny, frightened goblin. Jeerlok was able to flee into the countryside unmolested where he discovered a warm cave and fresh spring. Here Jeerlok continued to study the strange words in stolen spellbooks and practiced the arcane gestures the apprentice taught him. His talents at calling forth magic grew as did his bravery.

Within a year, Jeerlok had conquered a tribe of goblins through fear and violence. Inspired, he gathered more and more tribes under his control becoming a powerful goblin chieftain and warlord. Under his command, the goblins grew bold and mastered numerous techniques for controlling fire. They did not, however, become more intelligent. Jeerlok had grand plans limited in execution by the buffoons he commanded. In frustration, he burned up many of his followers and sought out new allies who could help him achieve his dark desires.

This led Jeerlock to Kaer Maga where he encountered Emmerick Trommler and was wowed by his power. Jeerlock pledged himself to Emmerick’s service and serves as his right hand man. Legends abound of the many deaths of Jeerlock, but the stories seem exaggerated as he continues to work doing Emmerick’s will.

Jeerlock is a lieutenant in the Undying Legion in service to Asmodeus.

Jeerlock Fleshburn the Goblin Elementalist

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