Luna the Child of Erastil


Luna is a 15 year old Aasimar child. She was sent to earth as a gift to father prasst who had devoted his life to erastil rather than having a family. She quickly made friends with Ug teh Illiterate, and often went to seek his company after brixx had bullied her. Ug and Leoven had become almost like siblings to her. She is now traveling with Eletho who has taken on a big bother aspect to the young girl, the druid whos become a good friend to talk to about beliefs. and Loki who has become a person she doesn’t want to turn her back to after the vision giving to her on the night of the pale.


Luna is an aasimar of undetermined origin. Late one
night on a return pilgramage from Tamran, Father Prasst
of Kassen followed the sounds of a crying infant over an
off-road hill where he witnessed a storm of rolling thunder
and lighting.
When the storm calmed to an end, Prasst discovered an
infant lying in the briars nearby. This was no normal
human or Kellid child – as she had a small pair of wings
jutting from her back.
Named for the full moon that oversaw her arrival on earth,
Luna was raised as an acolyte of the High Priest at the
Temple of Erastil in the heart of Kassen’s Hold. Father
Prasst bade her to cover her wings with a cloak at all
times, leading the locals to believe she was covering a
hunchback deformity. Father Prasst encourages Luna
that there will be a time to reveal her wings and her true
nature to the people of Kassen and even greater
Nirmathas – but now is not the time.
Over the years, Luna became friends with the other demi-
humans of Kassen’s Hold, including Ugg the half-orc and
student of Sir Dramott, the Paladin, and Leoven the
student of Ilimara Oniri, the priestess monk of Irori. The
three often meet at the Fang and Claw Inn outside the
eastern gate of Kassen for drinks and carousing.
The three often travel together to the capitol Tamran or
the elven grounds of Star Run Falls as the humans of
Nirmathas are still somewhat leary of demi-humans at
large. There is an uneasy tension in the air between the
Luna has joined her friends Ugg and Leoven on the quest
of the Everflame to gain acceptance from the town by
completing their rite of passage.

Luna the Child of Erastil

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