Meleren the Peace-Keeper


Much of Meleren’s early life is a blank; his first
memory is being auctioned on the slave block some
years back. He feels that forces beyond his
comprehension have maneuvered to
bring him to Absalom, even believing
that his enslavement was a means
to this end. Soon after his arrival
on Kortos, Meleren escaped slavery,
living on the street before the Blood-
Red Raiders met him and saw uses
for his skills. Meleren has felt
a strange “pulling” ever
since he entered the Red
Redoubt. He isn’t positive
that his presence has
triggered events, but he
suspects a connection.
In fact, Meleren is the
bearer of a secret tracker
chip (Technology Guide 52)
implanted beneath his skin,
though he is unaware of the chip’s
existence, as well as the fact that the
chip’s signal is responsible for the
reactivation of the security sublevel.


Meleren is a powerful psionic tactician. He has the ability to join several minds together as one, giving the members of his collective an advantage during combat. He has also exhibited the ability to read and send thoughts to sentient beings around him.

Meleren the Peace-Keeper

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