Phrenic Scourge


A dark and tattered robe partly covers a humanoid body that appears to be formed entirely of squirming, writhing tendrils in hues of off-white, corpse-gray, and sickly purples and blues. Lengths of these tendrils hang from its sleeves as hands, while others make up a visage that cannot, in any sense of the word, be called a face. It steps forward with a shambling, yet somehow graceful, gait.


The phrenic scourge is a walking nightmare, a writhing horror with an inhuman appearance and alien thought patterns utterly incomprehensible to humans. They view other sentient creatures as nothing more than slaves and breeding chambers, and they have assimilated entire communities in the distant wilds, and deep beneath the earth. They maintain order with their psionic abilities, turning even the most rebellious subjects into loyal thralls.

Phrenic Scourge

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