Telez Jinkinzhu


Telez was sold into slavery as a hatchling on the docks of Tian Xia and transported across the sea to Cheliax. Telez was traded back and forth through various slave gangs until he found himself in the slave markets of Kaer Maga. He was purchased at the slave market to work for the Inquisitor of Asmodeus – Emmerick Trommler. Emmerick tasked Telez with infiltrating the Church of Razmir in Tamran.

Telez answered the Razmiran call for sellswords and traveled with a small group to raid the Crypt of the Everflame in the Fangwood Forest of Nirmathas. During the expedition into the Crypt, Telez and several other raiders were attacked by giant frogs. Telez and Bassam decided to retreat and head return to Kaer Maga and Trommler.

Trommler had Telez and Bassam infiltrate the Godsmouth Ossuary in search of artifacts. Telez and his comrades were confronted by the Heroes of the Everflame. Bassam fled while the others were slain by the Heroes. Telez surrendered to the Heroes’ mercy and was allowed to guide them through the ossuary.

Upon leaving the Pharasmin Church, the group was approached by Emmerick at the Augur Temple. A fierce skirmish ensued with the Heroes emerging victorious and Telez retaining his freedom with his new friends.

Telez made the trip to Kassen with the Heroes and was given to the tutelage of Sir Dramott to learn the art of combat. Telez completed his training to become a fighter and shield-bearer for Luna, the cleric, in combat.

It was recently revealed by Emmerick Trommler that Telez stole the fragment of the key to Xin-Grafar from the Grand Lodge and gave it to Emmerick in exchange for his freedom. Trommler honored the arrangement by destroying Telez’ contract.

Telez Jinkinzhu

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