Yldreric Daedelon


Ylderic appears as a 20 year old human with dark unkempt hair and steely grey eyes. He is a pale Elan with a natural talent for arcane magic. While he appears relatively defenseless in his scholarly apparel, he sports a magical crossbow which he uses to great effect in combination with his allies’ melee attacks. Further armed with his growing number of magical items and his considerable magical repertoire, he is a force to challenge even the most skillful strategist in the realm.


Ylderic is a young Elan who was transformed from a human waif that lived in constant fear of all the dangers in the city he grew up in. Surviving by mere instinct and an overabundance of luck, he was selected for transformation into an Elan when auguries detected the end of his lifespan was near. Ever since his transformation, Ylderic was infatuated with all things magical, with a bent for the arcane arts. He chose the lesser known path of the Arcanist in order to experience a wide variety of magical experiences. His initial training complete, he began his lifelong journey to discover (or rediscover) any facet of magic possible. While he is not opposed to using evil tainted magic, his journey is one of discovery. He keeps a private journal in which to catalogue each manifestation of magic he encounters. Through a shear quirk of fate, he has learned to “see” magical emanations and decipher their meaning in order to help himself and his comrades to identify any form of magic they encounter. In addition, he has cultivated the use of the Dimension Step power to immense effect coupled with his spells, allowing him to always be in the right spot to cast the right spell with his Wild Arcana.
Ylderic quickly determined that the true path to magical enlightenment was not in study of musty tomes in safe halls, but to go out into the world to experience these wonders for himself after learning of far away lands from a fellow arcane initiate. The dark elf showed him a single spell derived from his homeland, the web bolt. He took leave of his home community with only the meager possessions he has managed to acquire and headed north-east to a frontier town called Tamaran. It is here, among a throng of Razmiran apostates, that destiny has granted him an encounter with a group of would-be heroes who can help him reach his potential and truly become an expert in all things magical. With a new bonding to the legendary Stargazer, Ylderic has rediscovered a kinship with the school of Divination, a far cry from his normal Evocation spells.
Along the way, he has learned a great many things both magical and mundane in the short period he has been with them. One of these things is the mystical necromantic arts of raising the dead. This particular magic has fascinated Ylderic as an alternative to charming creatures and he now hungers for more. It appears he may enjoy being the master of others…

Yldreric Daedelon

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