Asterion's Soul

weapon (melee)

Bane of the Seven Principalities, the great minotaur
of Huq known as Asterion ruled his kingdom with
an iron fist. Not so much a despot as a scourge,
Asterion rarely appeared outside his
ancient labyrinth-fortress. He fielded
no army and possessed no lieutenants
who carried out orders or made sure his
subjects followed his will. If and when
Asterion desired tribute or sacrifice he
appeared at a vassal’s home and took
what he wanted. Those who resisted,

As part of the tribute that
placated the beast each year, the
Seven Principalities sent one young
man and one young woman to
his castle. No mystery surrounded
their fates. Asterion hunted and ate
the children. The year no tribute was
sent, Asterion rampaged through the
countryside, slaying cattle, knocking
down farmhouses and slaughtering the

Salvation appeared in the form of
a young man. No one knew him, but
he volunteered to take the place of a
victim. When the group arrived at the
gate to Asterion’s hold, he went in first,
telling the rest to stay behind until he
emerged. He fearlessly confronted the
minotaur, tore the creature’s sword out
of its dirty hands and plunged the blade
into the monster’s heart. As the bull-
man thrashed and bellowed, his slayer
revealed his true form — an archon come
to end Asterion’s vile reign. Instead of
casting Asterion’s soul into Hell, the
archon cursed him, declaring from now
on it would inhabit the very sword that
took the beast’s life, forever without
pleasure, forever a servant of another

In that moment the weapon asterion’s
soul was made. The minotaur’s soul
grants the wielder powers associated
with the bull-beasts. When employed, the
wielder hears Asterion raging at his fate
and forced servitude.

Asterion's Soul

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