Ebon Whispers

Legendary weapon

weapon (melee)

+1 throwing dagger


The Shadow League brings a holy passion to their
job as assassins. While most hired killers simply
do it from a combination of sadistic pleasure and
monetary greed, the Shadow League considers each
death, each perfect kill, an act of worship. The more
silent the death and the more unsuspecting the
target, the murderer earns that much more grace in
the eyes of the Lords of Shadow.

The League believes their divine patrons exist
to maintain order and balance between the two
extremes of light and dark, of good and evil.
The Shadow League takes contracts only after
consulting their deities through an Umbral priest.
They care not if the target represents the qualities
of good and righteousness or base and abject
evil, only that the creature’s death ensures the
continued order of the universe.

To aid in assassinations, the Shadow League
bestows upon their most capable operatives
a throwing dagger called ebon whispers. The
blade is made of black steel and possesses a
deep channel to better funnel off arterial blood.
Rumors tell that a few early examples of the
blade — lost when a Shadow assassin failed on an
assignment or a victim escaped with the blade
lodged in their flesh — reside in treasure hoards
or the secret holdings of dukes and kings. If true,
such knives are best kept in secret. The Shadow
League would stop at nothing to reclaim one of
their daggers.

Ebon Whispers

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