Macabre Goblet


Carved out of a single block of wood, this morbidly festive cup has spooky specters whittled into it and bears lingering magic from the Night of the Pale feast.


Drinking from the goblet grants the wearer a +1 sacred bonus to AC against incorporeal touch attacks for the duration of one scenario. This boon should be crossed off by the GM at the end of the scenario.

During the same scenario, any liquid may be poured into the cup and splashed on a manufactured weapon as a full round action to grant the equipment the ghost touch property for 1d4 rounds. This property is only available for use one time and should be crossed off after it has been used.

At the end of the scenario, the magic fades from the talisman, and it becomes a mundane keepsake of the Night of the Pale.

Macabre Goblet

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