Heroes of the Everflame

A Long Time Ago, In A Golarion Far, Far Away.
Seven Swords of Sin part 1


27th Kuthona, 4715

The Heroes of the Everflame spent an uneventful week in Magnimar waiting for their next assignment. The time off gave them a chance to rest and lick their wounds from their recent battles with the Goblin Guild and the King of the Storval Stairs. Venture-captain, Sheila Heidmarch, called on the help of an old friend from the local Shoanti tribe. Thousand Bones, the shaman, arrived a few days later to help Sheila and the pathfinders examine the dangerous new scroll that was discovered upon the death of the King of the Storval Stairs.

Even Thousand Bones’ magicks were not strong enough to properly identify the scroll, but he was able to determine that the script on the surface was a constantly changing mix of celestial and abyssal. Thousand Bones could not decipher it, but he knew of a Wise One in the nearby Cinderlands that would have the power to do so. Sheila requested that he take the Heroes of the Everflame to meet with the Wise One posthaste.

The adventurers were given the day to prepare and gather whatever supplies they needed from the shops of Magnimar. That evening, a messenger arrived in the form of Wen Histani, priestess of Abadar from nearby Korvosa. Wen rushed into Heidmarch Manor with a matter of grave importance. The Heroes of the Everflame were asked to join them in the study a short time later.

Wen Histani revealed that the vaults of Abadar in Korvosa had recently suffered a break-in. The only item stolen was one of the fabled Seven Swords of Sin that had been placed there for safe keeping. This was apparently the last of the Seven Swords that had been liberated from their current owners over the course of the past few months. The agents of the Church of Abadar had been able to trace the events back to a Varisian sorceress, Tirana. Word has it that she had holed up in the outlaw city of Kaer Maga while she worked to unlock the full power of the Seven Swords of Sin.

The Pathfinders were instructed to travel to Kaer Maga, stop Tirana and retrieve the Seven Swords of Sin at all costs. They set off the next morning heading north. The Shoanti shaman, Thousand Bones, led the warriors into the marshlands north of Magnimar and through a section of ancient Thassilonian ruins.

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There, they met a young boy who, Thousand Bones explained, would lead them to meet the Wise One. The heroes traversed the ruins until they found an ancient open theater, where the young boy instructed them to leave their offerings for the Wise One. Once the Heroes explained their reasons for seeking the Wise One, the young boy disappeared in a burst of brilliant flame, replaced by the brilliant visage of a mighty feathered serpent, a couatl.

The Wise One stood revealed before the Heroes of the Everflame and offered them thanks for their service in ridding the Storval Plateau of the King of the Storval Stairs. The Pathfinders laid out the artifact for the feathered serpent to examine. The mighty couatl unfurled its wings and transported them all to a pocket dimension inside it’s home, the cosmic egg.

There the creature examined the strange parchment closely only to find that it was a page from the cursed Book of the Damned from the very depths of hell. The Wise One revealed that the ever changing script of celestial and abyssal that danced across the surface of the parchment could only be read once the other pages of the book were collected.

Armed with their new-found knowledge, the Heroes prepared to set out for Kaer Maga. The mystic couatl offered to help transport them by way of inter-dimensional shortcut. The winged serpent loaned the Pathfinders an astralabe to navigate through the pocket dimension to their destination outside of Kaer Maga.

The adventurers followed the astralabe to a standing menhir that when touched, transported them to the top of the Storval Plateau just yards from the entrance to Kaer Maga outside the Warrens district. The heroes immediately set off to find their guide, Gav Nahli, who welcomed them with a greeting of “Pathfinders! I knew you’d be back for more!”

Gav led the pathfinders to meet Jacobi the boatman who agreed to transport the group through the canals of Kaer Maga once more. Gav revealed that Jacobi was revered among the halflings of Kaer Maga as the “Giantslayer”. He had recently returned from Belkzen and Trunau where he helped repel an orc and giant invasion. Jacobi transported the group through the streets to their various destination sites. Ken used his contacts and gift of gab to find more information on their target Tirana. Not long after, a child approached them with a scroll containing a message – with a time and a place.

“I know what you are looking for. Meet me at Mauldrin’s Icy Cantina on the morrow for an exchange of information.”

The Pathfinders were dismayed that their purpose had already been discovered, but apparently someone with knowledge and perhaps connections had taken interest in them. They planned to attend the meeting as directed and returned to the Warrens to rest.

29th Kuthona, 4715

Mauldrin Ice-biter was a retired Ulfen barbarian that set up a tavern on the water’s edge of Kaer Maga. It was a well known watering hole that was quaintly referred to as Mo’s Icy Cantina. To say it was a hive of scum and villainy was to put it lightly. The Heroes of the Everflame arrived to find an assortment of strange characters ranging from moon beasts bartering with orc slavers, bloatmages drinking blood wine, a yeti bouncer and various unsavory types.

As they entered the bar, the gruff eye-patch wearing bartender called out that their animal companions were not welcome inside pointing at the ranger Morgolar’s wolf companion and Eletho’s faire dragon. Ele instructed his faerie dragon, Bubbles, to turn invisible to avoid confrontationt .

Waiting on them in the corner was none other than Emmerick Trommler the Grand Inquisitor of the Church of Asmodeus flanked by a large girallon that eyed the Pathfinders hungrily. The Heroes were surprised to see their old nemesis waiting on them. They had not seen Trommler since they left Kaer Maga almost one year earlier.

Emmerick offered to parlay with the adventurers and to exchange information. Trommler revealed that his spies had alerted him both of the arrival of the Pathfinders to Kaer Maga, but also of the secret hideout in the Undercity being used by Tirana. When the heroes asked what Emmerick wanted in return for this information, what he said next shocked the warriors to their core.

Trommler suggested a simple exchange of information. He would point the Heroes to Tirana’s hidden base and they in turn would tell him where they hid the remaining fragments of the Key to Xin-Grafar. With that he pulled a fragment of the Key to Xin-Grafar from beneath his breastplate and showed it to the Pathfinders.

During the transaction, Jacobi, the skiff driver, quietly walked in the back door to the cantina and nodded to the fighters. Patrons migrated to the far end of the bar where they continued to order drinks.

They stood in disbelief as Trommler then motioned for his comrade to come to his side. Telez the Tengu that the party had befriended during their time in the Godsmouth Ossuary walked out to greet them. He revealed that he gave Emmerick the key fragment in exchange for his freedom. Trommler revealed that he honored the agreement by destroying Telez’ contract – effectively giving the tengu his freedom.

The Heroes of the Everflame were shocked at this revelation, but they had no choice but to go along with Emmerick’s suggestion. Rather than give over the information directly, field-captain Eletho suggested a trade off of information after Emmerick made good on his promise. Trommler agreed and Ele proceeded to write the information on a piece of parchment – to be handed over once the Pathfinders were led to Tirana’s lair.

Emmerick agreed to meet the travelers the next morning and left. No sooner had the Inquisitor left the cantina, than a trio of strangers arrived thru the front door. Captain Rasteen Glixxor cast aside his dark cloak to reveal a strange glowing wand in his hand. The Technic League captain called out in a commanding voice and demanded that the android Meleren be returned to him.

Ken, the kitsune, turned to their companion Meleren and asked if he knew what Rasteen was talking about. Meleren said he had no idea. Rasteen warned the Pathfinders to step aside once more, as the Technic League had created the android Meleren and they would now reclaim him. The Captain’s companions cast aside their cloaks revealing them to be Machine Soldiers of Karamoss armed with lethal blades and rapid fire crossbows mounted to their shoulders.

The Pathfinders immediately sprung into action with Ug and Ken squaring off with the Captain as his clockwork companions rushed forward swinging with deadly precision. The crowd part slightly as the fight began, the patrons eager to see blood spilled. Behind the bar, Mo stopped counting piles of golden measures and tapped the nearby metal man construct on the shoulder, causing it to rumble to life and walk toward the commotion.

Ug, the barbarian, lunged at the Technic League Captain with his magic blade, Asterion’s Soul. The Technic arcanist slipped away from the raging warrior with dimensional slide and teleported to higher ground on top of the bar nearby. He flipped a strange new wand into his grasp as he swung a glowing black and green blade in the air before him.

Eletho and Ylderic took advantage of the machine soldiers’ weakness to electricity by blasting them with shocking grasp and lightning bolt, respectively. The machine soldiers were no match for their combined arcane fury and collapsed in small explosions of sparks and metal.

Rasteen blasted Ug with a blast of burning energy from his metal wand. The rear door of the cantina swung open and more machine soldiers marched into the building. Captain Rasteen turned with a slight bow to the dark figure that loomed ominously behind the constructs.

“Lord Vayndaal, we shall strike down the infidels in the name of the Technic League!”

The large yeti bouncer and clockwork construct began gathering up the fallen machine soldiers from their current place as fallen heaps on the bar room floor. As the fight continued to escalate, some of the bar patrons began filing out the side door to safety. The moon beast seemed to conclude his business with the orc slavers and moved out into the street.

Lord Vayndaal produced a small rod made of skymetal from his belt which suddenly exploded into a brilliant blade of red plasma. The machine soldiers lurched forward at the Sith Lord’s command, surrounding the Pathfinders. Suddenly, a red haired young woman in Varisian garb and purple cloak sprung forward and attacked the machine soldiers from behind with a small dagger.

Eletho evaded the deadly swings of Karamoss’ soldiers and swung at the dark lord. The Technic League warlord evaded and parried the elf’s strikes with his burning red blade. Ken, the kitsune, bounced between the machine soldiers and stabbed at the black robed figure, but found himself catching only air as the man stepped nimbly to the side.

The yeti and clockwork construct carried the fallen machine soldiers outside and dumped them in the nearby canal. The machine soldiers turned their attention to the lithe rogue that attacked them from behind. With a snake-like quickness, Jacobi, the halfling. rolled forward between the dueling combatants and flanked the constructs with the red-haired girl. Using his sczarni slayer trained skills and his magic dagger, Bryna’s Love, the halfling skiff driver struck down the machines from behind.

Vayndaal flicked his deadly sword in an arc around him and struck Eletho, Ken and Ylderic each in turn. Standing atop the bar, Captain Rasteen dropped his wand and grabbed a strange metal flask from his bandolier. The small orb began beeping as the man rolled it across the bar onto the floor between Ug, Ken and the rest.

The ball exploded in a burst of electricity shocking everyone inside it violently. Ug regained his feet and leaped at the Technic League Captain and plunged his sword into the man’s chest – killing him instantly. Not to be outdone, Eletho parried and struck back with a skillful riposte with the strong metal of his Azlanti ward blade. With a powerful swing, he struck the dark warrior across the chest, cleaving his head and one arm from the rest of his body.

The two pieces of Lord Vayndaal’s body slid to the floor in a pile of bloody flesh and strange metal. His burning sword extinguished into silence, leaving the strange rod to roll across the floor. As the smoke settled, the Pathfinders stood in the sudden silence of the cantina and readied for further challenges from the bar, but the patrons merely turned back to their drinks and gossip.

The next day, the Pathfinders arrived at the arranged location in the Bottoms district which apparently housed one of the Council of Truth’s abandoned research facilities. Waiting quietly in the side alley nearby were Callen Bellevaux, former shipman on the Black Mist, and Stinger, one of the ratfolk siblings of Bassam the Pestilent.

The two thugs escorted the Pathfinders down to the entrance to the research facility. Ken, the rogue, kept the scroll with the location of the Key to Xin-Grafar hidden inside his tunic, refusing to give it away until asked. Strangely enough, neither of the mercenaries requested to see the information to complete the transaction.

The duo nodded to the main entrance, turned and left the party behind. As the Pathfinders debated whether or not they should trust this information not to be a trap, a small colorful gnome draped with bands, vials and bubbling potions bounced past the group, went down the steps and walked through the door into the Undercity.

The Pathfinders entered the door to find an open sitting room with a bubbling aquarium in the center of the room. Ken’s keen senses noticed a small hole in the wall and surmised it was a peephole from an hidden room nearby.

The adventurers sneaked around the corner only to discover an empty hallway extending in both directions. Ken continued his scout of the walls nearby and noticed a secret door. The pathfinders rushed inside to find a set of guards armed and waiting.

A deadly skirmish ensued leaving the Pathfinders victorious. One of the guards, a young woman named Jendra, threw down her weapon and asked for mercy. The warriors questioned her for information about the dungeons ahead and Tirana’s defenses, but the guards knew very little as they were paid to watch the entrance only. The gnome, Trapper Gaxx, was the only one that seemed to come and go at will, aside from Tirana of course.

The Heroes allowed Jendra to leave and continued their trek into the facility. They scouted the rooms ahead to find a room filled with gold, weapons and various treasures and another room which contained a strange circle of crystals that sparked and leaped with electricity.

And this was just the beginning.

The Return of the King of the Storval Stairs
Pathfinder Society Scenario 04-04: King of the Storval Stairs


After clearing the retinue of hill giants from the parade grounds of the Storval Stairs, the Heroes of the Everflame bedded down for the night and made plans on how to fortify the stairs against invasion in the coming days. The next morning, they set about retrieving lumber and scrap from the wrecked caravan at the foot of the steps and constructed barricades along the length of the great stone edifice.

That night, the party awoke to the sound of singing. Ylderic rose from his bedding and began making his way back down the steps. Several of the other party members realized that he was wandering off and decided to follow him. They were assailed again by the spectral voice on the wind and felt their wills bend and shake with each note.


Ylderic was unresponsive to the questions of his fellow pathfinders, so they assumed and rightly so that he was bewitched by the song of the harpies. He seemed intent on continuing down the steps. Ug, the half-orc, grabbed Daedelon in a bearhug and lifted him from his feet. With a powerful yet fluid motion, he tossed the arcanist to the ground and bound his arms and legs with rope from his pack.


It was then that the harpies began to attack. Ken, the kitsune, had climbed to the top of the wall lining the stairs – fifty feet up. As he rose to his feet, he was smashed in the head by an invisible morningstar and felt the flesh on his arm rend at the touch of unseen claws.


After safely securing Daedelon, Ug began searching the parade grounds for signs of the Harpies. Eletho, the magus, cast spells from the stairs below to help Ken fend off the attacks of the invisible harpy queen. Ug entered the nearby antechamber and was quickly assaulted by invisible harpies. The half-orc survived their attack and deftly swung his greatsword cleaving the bird women into halves.

Ele cast glitterdust to root out the invisible harpy queen only to realize that she had escaped into the night with the use of a dimension door spell.

The heroes gathered their companions and fortified their camp mid-way up the steps before returning to sleep.

18th Kuthona, 4715

The Heroes continued their watch on the ancient stairs. After an uneventful day, the adventurers began to settle in for the night. A few hours after sundown, they heard the pounding footfalls of the hill giants coming down from the Storval Plateau above.


The hill giants wound their way through the barricades set up by the pathfinders. The adventurers secured their positions along the parade grounds of the Storval Stairs. They would fight the giants in the open, where the ground was level. The giants drew closer and closer until Ele gave the signal to Ylderic to ignite the barricades. The arcanist unleashed a fireball on the unsuspecting hill giants, igniting the alchemical fire bombs that the heroes had hidden inside several of the barricades. The hill giants railed in pain as the hair was burned from their titanic bodies.


The hill giants continued their charge until they smashed the final barricade and reached the parade grounds. Eletho and Ken struck from the shadows catching the giants by surprise and cut several of them down before they knew what hit them.


Suddenly, a tiny ball of light shot across the parade grounds and exploded into a fireball setting the pathfinders aflame. Daedelon cast fly and began searching the nearby antechamber for signs of more hill giants or harpies when the area around him was engulfed in the darkness of a stinking cloud. Ylderic flew above the top of the dark cloud to look into the chamber only to come face to face with Formoch, the King of the Storval Stairs.


Seated upon the hill giant king’s shoulder was the lithe form of Agata, the dark sorceress that had taken up with the giant. Agata threw a few more spells at the party before shifting her form and taking the shape of an earth elemental. She dropped to the stairs and used earth glide to sink into the stone.


Formoch squared off with Ug and Ken while Eletho dealt with another hill giant across the parade ground. The King caught Ken and trapped the kitsune in his giant fist. Ug swung hard and cut deep into the hill giant king’s tough flesh.

Agata caught Ylderic with a frigid scorching ray and blasted him into unconsciousness. Luna, the cleric, battled with the sorceress but felt the cold bite of her spells. Eletho rushed into the antechamber and issued a final warning to the sorceress. Agata replied that she’d see him “in Hell” and continued her assault. With one swift stroke, Eletho cut the sorceress’ head from her shoulders.


Formoch smashed his giant warhammer into the trapped kitsune’s head, nearly crushing his skull. Ug drove forward with his blade and pierced the king’s heart, killing him instantly. The fallen hill giant king’s body began to glow with an unnatural light until it disappeared in an explosion of white flame.

Left in his place was a single aged scroll covered with ancient indecipherable script. An overwhelming aura of magic emanated from the parchment nearly causing Ele to lose consciousness when it touched his psyche.

The Heroes gathered their spoils and resumed their watch of the Storval Stairs. The next day, the pathfinder caravan arrived from Magnimar with reinforcements. Valeros, the fighter, accompanied the caravan north and was dismayed at the utter lack of mead on the trip.

Assault on the Storval Stairs
Pathfinder Society Scenario 04-04: King of the Storval Stairs


15th Kuthona, 4715

After a long journey, Eletheo and Matthis joined their fellow adventurers at Heidmarch Manor in Varisia. They arrived just in time to receive their next mission.


The Heroes of the Everflame met with venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch and were assigned to clear the Storval Stairs of an infestation of Hill Giants. They were given their orders along with a scroll of teleportation to carry them deep into the Cinderlands of Varisia. They arrived about 500 feet away from the the foot of the Storval Stairs to find the wreckage of a caravan with a group of hill giants picking through the refuse.


The warriors surprised the hill giants and set upon them with furious retribution. The hill giants were lead by a barbarian that ordered the others to attack the heroes on sight. Ug engaged in a brutal exchange with the giant barbarian that left him in a bloody and bruised – with the giant dead. Working in concert, the heroes were able to bring down the other giants and their dire wolf companions.


With the immediate vicinity cleared of threats, they searched through the caravan wreckage for signs of survivors but they were all dead. Ken the Kitsune convinced their captive hill giant that they were legendary giant slayers and that they would now return to their own caravan many miles away – laden with gold and riches. They released their captive to return to the hill giant enclave entrenched on the Storval Stairs.


Shortly after their prisoner returned to his fellows, a pair of hill giant warriors were sent out to investigate. The heroes watched from hiding as the hill giants searched the area around the foot of the Stairs and then searched the surrounding area. They did not stray too far from the Stairs in search of the fictitious caravan as they knew that all travelers through the area would need to make their way to the Stairs to continue into the Cinderlands above.

After that, the Heroes decided to send Matthis the druid in to scout the area to determine the number of adversaries they would face on the stairs. Matthis wildshaped into an earth elemental and used his earth glide ability to travel into the very stone of the stairs themselves. Matthis traveled two-hundred feet up the stairs to the open parade grounds were he found a grisly scene.

Several human cadavers had been hung up around the parade grounds alongside an unfortunate pair of hill giants that were bound next to them. Dark smoke billowed out of the covered area nearby. Rather than risk running into a group of hill giants on his own, he completed his scouting and returned to the group.

Armed with this knowledge, the Heroes of the Everflame set out determining how to best use the terrain to their advantage and keep themselves out of the reach of the hill giants. With their course of action determined, they rested for the night and gathered their strength for the coming assault.


The Heroes set out at dusk, traveling up the outer buildings of the Storval Stairs by flying and climbing up to the midway point of the Stairs and setting their ambush atop the building adjacent to the parade grounds. The warriors began the assault by having the druid cast thorny entangle on the grounds below causing all of the giants inside to be instantly covered in thorn covered vines.


The giants didn’t take long to burst through the sudden overgrowth and make their way out onto the parade grounds. The heroes rained down an assault of arrows and long range spells as the giants entered the area and began cutting them down. The giants were lead by a powerful pair of barbarian giants that began ripping chunks from the stairs and hurling the stone at the heroes above. Daedelon unleashed his strongest fireball spells and lightning bolts to weaken the giants. Ken the kitsune jumped onto the nearby stone ledge, but slipped and fell fifty feet to the parade grounds below. He was instantly covered by the thorny entangle and became a target to the rampaging giants.

Ug lowered a rope to Ken who used it to start climbing up, but was grabbed by a giant. An intense tug of war ensued with Ken caught in the middle, and Ug was able to pull the kitsune free from the grip of the powerful giant. Ken swung free against the stone wall and was subjected to target practice from the hill giants.


Suddenly, a quiet voice rose on the wind and the adventurers felt themselves slipping under the influence of a supernatural song. A set of harpies set upon the heroes from above. Daedelon succumbed to the call of the harpy and felt himself called to their side. They heroes battled on and managed to strike down the last of the giants. The harpies stopped their assault and fled into the skies.


The Heroes watched as the harpies disappeared in the clouds overhead. They were left alone halfway up the Storval Stairs to recover their strength and prepare for the assault to come. The King of the Storval Stairs was still to come.

Goblins, Bugbears, and Kaiju! Oh, My!
Pathfinder Society Scenario: 04-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild


The Heroes of the Everflame were approached by a member of the Decemvirate with instructions to journey to Varisia and work with venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch. He encouraged them to help her fortify the presence of the Pathfinder Society in Magnimar. The night before they were to set out across the Inner Sea, they were approached by another high ranking member of the Pathfinder Society this time in the form of the venture-captain of the Silver Crusade, Ollysta Zadrian.

Ollysta warned the young pathfinders of the rising threat of the Asmodean Church in Kassen’s Hold and the potential danger that could possibly lead to for all of Nirmathas. Zadrian ended her petition with an offer of support should the Heroes of the Eveflame ever establish a lodge and the need for a venture-captain east of Varisia. The adventurers wrapped up their business in Absalom and prepared themselves for the long journey across the Inner Sea.

17th Neth, 4715.

The Heroes of the Everflame were given passage on aboard a naval ship leaving from the port of Escadar. They sailed across the Inner Sea, past the horn of Cheliax and out into the Arcadian Ocean.


10th Kuthona, 4715.

The ship continued up along the coast to the Streaming Sea and finally Varisia. There, they came to port at the docks of Magnimar and made their way to the Alabaster District and the gates of Heidmarch Manor. They were greeted by Erbylis, an half-elven fighter and retired blacksmith that now serves as the gate-keeper to the Heidmarch home.

After revealing themselves to be pathfinders, the party was escorted to the main building and welcomed by Sheila Heidmarch, venture-captain of Varisia. Sheila thanked them for coming and explained that they would operate out of one of the cottages near the manor for the time being. She encouraged them to rest and explore the city while awaiting their first assignment.


11th Kuthona, 4715.

The party members took a day to travel into Magnimar and see the sights while taking care of their individual faction obligations. They returned after a long day in the City of Monuments to find a small goblin rifling through their belongings in House Bakrahkan. Morgolar, the ranger, stumbled in on the goblin just as the small humanoid dropped out of the second story window to the courtyard below.

The tiny creature dropped and rolled to her feet not far from Ken the Kitsune who was making his way to the Heidmarch Manor to request an audience with Sheila Heidmarch. Ken was impressed by the dexterous abilities of the goblin and seemed rather non-plussed to see the creature scamper over to the manor walls and begin squeezing through a narrow opening below the wall where the ground had shifted.

Ken, Morgolar and his animal companion, Artemis the wolf, gave chase after the fleeing goblin. The elusive creature got off to a good head start but the ranger and Kitsune were both quick on their feet. The ranger raced ahead to corner the goblin just as Ken was able to leap and tackle the creature as it struggled to get through a jostling crowd in the streets of Magnimar. They dragged the goblin back kicking and screaming to Heidmarch Manor.

After a rather comical interrogation sequence which saw the goblin confusing the Pathfinders by claiming to only speak the goblin language, it accidentally outed itself by claiming the same while speaking common. Loki and Ug were able to communicate with the creature in its native tongue and after placating it with the fistfuls of salted jerky, the goblin revealed her name to be “Ekkie” along with her brother, Plarg. She pointed to the hollowed out skull she cradled in the other arm when speaking of her brother – whom according to her, spoke right back.

Ekkie told the Pathfinders that she was coerced into stealing a wayfinder from the Heidmarch Manor by a mysterious leader of the so-called Nightsoil Gang. Ekkie offered to lead the adventurers to the Nightsoil hideout – deep in the sewers of Magnimar.


The next day, Ekkie and Plarg led the Heroes to a knackery in the Lowcleft District that served as the entrance to the gang’s headquarters. Ekkie led the group into the dark sewers running beneath Magnimar until they reached a break in the tunnels where the wall had been broken down to join with a subterranean structure adjacent to the sewers. The goblin gang had taken over an abandoned thieves guild hidden beneath Magnimar and used it to hide out while they plotted their next move.

Ekkie warned that there were guards ahead, but that they were most likely busy playing a game called “Rat-a-tat.” Ken and Deadelon tried to sneak up on the guards to use charm person, but the Kitsune spotted a pitfall trap in the hall ahead of them. As he began working to disarm the trap, the goblins threw vials of explosive alchemical fire at the party. Daedelon was able to sleep most of the sentries while Ug cleaved a few in two with his greatsword.

The party continued on into what was at one time a thieves guild underground hideout. Ken the kitsune stealthily sneaked ahead to check out the various rooms in the complex. Unfortunately, Ken’s dependence on light led to breaking his stealth as the goblins were used to working in full dark using darkvision to see. As the rogue tried to peek around the corner, he found himself pelted with powerful alchemical bombs from overhead.


The rest of the party rushed in to help to find that the room was divided in two due to the ceiling collapsing from overhead leaving the floor of the next room wedged twenty feet up. The goblin alchemists hid among a smattering of alchemist tables and beakers, making them harder to hit in combat. The chief-alchemist used vomit swarm to spew a spider swarm down on the adventurers making combat and spell-casting harder.

Ug lead the charge up a broken slab to the level above and beheaded several of the alchemists while Daedelon and Morgolar dropped the rest with magic missiles and a volley of arrows respectively. They quickly searched the area and discovered a roughly drawn chalk map of Magnimar on the wall – depicting burning buildings and dead people, chopped up dogs, and dying horses.

The pathfinders took stock and steeled themselves to continuing deeper into the thieves hideout. Ken and Ug lead the way which after a long stretch of empty tunnels intermittently broken by a short flight of stairs, lead back to the open sewers. The Heroes came around the corner to find themselves face to face with the largest goblin they had ever seen.


Hubrun the kaiju goblin smashed the ground with his fists and waded forward through the deep water of the sewer cavern to attack the party. Hiding behind Hubrun on the platform across the open sewers, the goblin bard Versevosh cast grease. The grease spell covered the ground beneath the party making traversing the already treacherous underground terrain that much more difficult.

Ug managed to dodge the ponderous fists of Hubrun and rushed in to stab the overgrown goblin in the chest. Ug watched in amazement as the recently inflicted wounds simply sealed closed the moment his blade left the kaiju’s skin. Daedelon used arcane step to teleport to the other side of the sewer near the spellcasting bard, but was unable to escape the reach of the powerful goblin giant. Hubrun backhanded the arcanist and slapped the kitsune back into the corner.

Not to be deterred, Ug gathered his strength and struck with all of his might managing to stab his blade through the goblin beast’s skin and into his heart killing him instantly. Seeing his larger comrade fall in battle, the bard, Versevosh, fled on his running goblin dog.

With the goblin kaiju lying face down in the sewers, the party continued on through the next rooms where they found the goblin dog kennel. Ekkie used a handful of jerky to draw the goblin dogs out and sent them free down the open tunnel.

With that, the Heroes of the Everflame came to the final door of the complex and were greeted by a booming voice from the other side; “The door is open. You may as well come in and talk.”


They entered to find a hulking female bugbear seated upon a makeshift throne. Inoklar the bugbear guild leader petitioned the heroes to come forward, offering to parlay. As Ken the kitsune approached to talk, his trap sense spotted a trespasser’s boot trap in the room ahead. The party realized they were surrounded by goblins hiding, rather inexpertly, behind the various columns of the makeshift throne-room.

Realizing that the party spotted her trap, Inoklar called for the goblins to attack and threatened to kill Ekkie if she didn’t turn and attack the adventurers immediately. Ekkie refused to turn on her newfound companions stating that she was happy they had given her “fireworks and jerky and killed all the horses” just for her. Ekkie rushed forward and attacked Inoklar with her dogslicer. Daedelon and ug cornered the bugbear and brought it down through a combination of lightning bolts and sword blows.


They discovered the goblin guild’s treasure chest hidden behind the throne; in it a set of documents detailing Inoklar’s plan to turn the various guilds, merchants and organizations of Magnimar against each other. The party returned to Heidmarch Manor and revealed the documents to Sheila Heidmarch, who pointed out that they had also found a bronze badge of an Aspis Consortium agent. This was a rare find indeed. Sheila noted that the Pathfinder Society would need to know about this and that she would keep the Aspis badge under lock and key.

The Heroes were congratulated for their service. They welcomed Ekkie into the party as an unofficial mascot and let her bunk down on the couch in House Bakrakhan. They settled into their new homes to rest for the first time and were left to wonder what tomorrow would bring inside the City of Monuments.

Into the Depths of the Red Redoubt
Pathfinder Society Scenario 06-01 Trial By Machine


In 3637 AR, Karamoss, the “Machine Mage”, assaulted Absalom, constructing a huge metal citadel in a single night. The citadel rose from the rocky ground like a red metallic growth. Within hours, hordes of hobgoblins emerged from the citadel and laid siege to the city. The city repulsed the attack for three weeks, but then the gates of the Red Redoubt of Karamoss opened to disgorge legions of metal warriors equipped with deadly weapons and guided by malign intelligence.

The city was saved when its druidic order, Druids of the Shaded, repulsed the metal men with powerful magic. For two years the city was under siege until a final counterattack brought Absalom’s army to the walls of Red Redoubt. In the slaughter that followed, the upper floors of the citadel were destroyed along thousands of his automatons, but the mysterious wizard-artificer was never found.

15 Neth, 4715.

The Heroes of the Everflame had spent the last few weeks recovering from their dramatic encounters during a rather hectic month of Lamashan. Ug the Invincible was approached by two new lodgers inside West House Five of the Grand Lodge of Absalom. Kyra the Cleric and Merisiel the Rogue approached to speak with him. Kyra had not seen Ug since his journey to the Crypt of the Everflame just one year earlier when she helped him over part of his trek.

Kyra revealed that she was to undergo her own confirmation into the Pathfinder Society and needed help in order to proceed. The Heroes agreed to accompany Kyra into the infamous dungeon of Kortos – the Red Redoubt of Karamoss the Machine Mage. Kyra had received orders to complete a Pathfinder obstacle course through the upper level of the Red Redoubt and the party set off to help her.

After traveling north from the city, the adventurers reached the entrance to the obstacle course. They discovered bloody graffiti on the walls of the ruins of the surface level of the Red Redoubt. Their research had revealed that a gang called the “Blood-Red Raiders” had claimed some of the ruins above the dungeon as their own. It was then that they were surprised by an half-orc brawler that leaped from the bushes to ambush the elven ranger Morgolar.

The half-orc known only as “the Orphan”, the strong-arm lieutenant of the Blood-Red Raiders gang, attacked the Pathfinders to protect his territory. After a fierce battle that saw the brawler testing the mettle of the entire group, the Orphan was laid low in a pool of his own blood – a Blood-Red Raider to the end.


Kyra opened the hatch portal to the upper levels and led the Heroes down the rope ladder to the rooms below. Kyra had instructions to avoid any area marked off-limits by the triangle symbol placed their by the Pathfinders. She led the party through the empty tunnels for quite some time before they came to an intersection marked with a giant white chalk mark in the middle of the corridor.

Ylderic the Arcanist decided to ignore the off-limits sign marking the eastern corridor and walked face first into a Pathfinder trap when two wicker walls smashed him flat in the hallway and stained him from head to toe in pink dye. Luna, the Cleric of Erastil, took a moment to try to clean the dye from Ylderic but the stain remained much to the delight of some of the party members. From here on out, they decided it would be best for their pride if they remained on the path as directed.


Kyra led the group around the bend and down through another section of endless corridors when they spotted a dead body just around the corner ahead. Loki and Ele approached with caution to find the body of an half-orc that had run face first into one of the Pathfinder traps – a padded mallet suspended from the ceiling on a tripwire. The impact apparently took the half-orc off his feet but his body and chest had been cut and slashed savagely by “something”.

The party decided to continue on, leaving the gang member laying in his blood. They trekked up the hall until they came into a great open room that was splashed with blood. Three bodies decorated the floor of the room, with a strange metal statue standing motionless over them. As the party entered the room,. they were surprised to see the statue spring to life as two more moving metal statues like it came running from the corridor to the north.


The Heroes settled in for a tough battle as their weapons began bouncing off the tough metal encasing the constructs. The elven ranger watched helpless as his arrows splintered on the construct’s armor. Ylderic tried his luck with a lightning bolt and discovered that the constructs seemed vulnerable to electricity. Armed with this knowledge, Eletheo the Magus powered his blade with shocking grasp.

Just then, the walls began buzzing like a hive of bees when a spinning blade rolled out of the wall and across the floor of the room striking Ylderic, Morgolar and Merlinchen as they tried in vain to get out of its way. They were struck by the blade and then shocked by a powerful electrical field covering the blade.

The Heroes eventually managed to beat the constructs down and get to the safety of the hallway – leaving the rolling blades of death behind. They room contained the marker and note declaring the end of the obstacle course – but the prize amulet was missing. They decided to follow a trail of bloody footprints up the northern hall into areas of the dungeon that seemed long untraveled until just recently.

They followed the trail until it ran dry. Continuing on, they discovered a vast metal chamber containing multiple constructs in varying states of disrepair. This room seemed untouched in the millennia that had passed since the fall of the Machine Mage. Loki spotted someone hiding at the bottom of the steps. As he approached, he heard a voice inside his head asking “Who are you? Why are you following us?”


Loki answered the voice out loud by declaring that they were Pathfinders and would not hurt them. The couple revealed themselves to be Meleren, the Peace-Keeper of the Blood-Red Raiders, and Shechera, the War-Chief of the Blood-Red Raiders. They fled the attack by the constructs in the lower chambers and ran here to hide.

As the party spoke with the two surviving gang members, the doors to the next chamber slid open and four flaming armored hobgoblin skeletons rushed out to attack the assembled group. The two clerics, Luna and Kyra, stepped forward with a barrage of channel energy and reduced the undead to ashes.


The Pathfinders continued into the next chamber to find a strange row of buttons with lights, crystals and levers. As the party searched the room, they heard a loud grinding noise, like metal, banging and clanging outside. They tried to open the door to return to the corridor to the upper levels but it would not open.

The Heroes discovered a magical floating image of the rooms they were in – accompanied by a magical message:


They continued searching through the rooms when they discovered a small room inside the column at the northern end of the chamber. Loki volunteered to enter the room alone and the doors closed on him. He felt the sensation of movement as though the tiny room were traveling when it stopped and a warning blared out in goblin, “Warning. Negligible Atmosphere detected. Press the open button twice to proceed.”

Loki elected not to proceed and was returned to the chamber where the rest of the party waited. Luna, the aasimar, stated she was not concerned about the lack of air and volunteered to enter the connected room alone. She entered the moving room and was taken to another smaller room above. Magical windows showed images of the party waiting in the chamber below – as well as several other rooms that the party had already passed through.

She discovered another armored hobgoblin skeleton seated on a strange throne in front of the magic windows. She decided to move the lever that was clutched tightly by the dead hobgoblin’s grip – and the room was filled with air once more. Luna grabbed the hobgoblin and carried his body into the moving room and returned to the party below.

As Luna shared her discovery, the party was surprised by a strange ooze that seeped out of the doors of the moving room and began attacking the party with electrical shocks. The rogue capacitor ooze had been living near the depressurized chambers above and was awakened when Luna reactivated the atmospheric controls. The Heroes struggled with the ooze because it unleashed powerful shocks every time they struck it with a weapon. Eventually, a combination of spells and ranged attacks dissipated the ooze to a harmless puddle.

The adventurers returned to trying to figure out the puzzle of how to exit this section of the lower dungeons and turned their attention back to the magical images of the dungeon. Meleren and Ele hypothesized that they could manipulate the magic image with one of the special gauntlets from the armor of the Redoubt hobgoblins. Ele used one of the gauntlets to move the image and they were rewarded with the sound of grinding metal and gears once more. They tested the exit door once more to find that it opened as they approached, revealing a set of powerful constructs waiting for them on the other side.

Meleren, the Peace-Keeper, offered to help Loki if he trusted him. Loki took his hand and was pulled into the mental collective with Meleren and Shecheren. Loki was able to see through the eyes of his comrades and was able to perceive his own movements from the outside, giving him an advantage in combat. The warriors worked together to batter the constructs but not before Ug was affected by a wave of supernatural fear emanating from one of them.


Just as they were gaining the upper hand, Ug found himself under attack by an invisible opponent that had been hiding in the hallway back to the upper level. Their unseen assailant threw a series of powerful grenades at the barbarian. Eletheo and Ug were able to detect a shimmering image in the air when the hidden man attacked. He shouted out a warning that the heroes would be “crushed beneath the heel of the Technic League.” The man was wearing strange armor and wielded a strange glowing sword and a uniquely shaped wand in the other hand. Ele and Ug surrounded him, but he was able to disappear and slip away.

The Heroes of the Everflame helped Kyra recover the rewards from the obstacle course and returned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Kyra was received warmly and rewarded for completing her confirmation phase. Loki, Luna, Ylderic and Morgolar were rewarded for assisting Kyra and each was given his first ioun stone as a symbol of their advancement into the Pathfinder Society.

The Creatures from Beneath the Black Pool.
Pathfinder Society Scenario 00-06 Black Waters


Lamashan 29, 4715

The Heroes of the Everflame rested at the Grand Lodge in Absalom and gathered their strength for the coming trip to Varisia. One morning, they were called into the office of venture-captain Drandle Dreng, a retired Taldorian Pathfinder. Drandle explained the tragedy of the Tri-Towers from a decade earlier, where large sections of Beldrin’s Bluff collapsed into the rushing sea around Absalom, leaving hundreds dead. The Tri-Towers school was one of the buildings destroyed in the collapse, and it fell into an ancient necropolis located in the tunnels below. The area had been long locked off from the rest of the city with a protective gate and fence built around it by the grieving families of those lost in the disaster.

Venture-captain Dreng had chosen the Heroes of the Everflame to represent the Pathfinder Society by being the first explorers to enter the disaster site since the day of the tragedy. Field Captain Eletho accepted the key to the gate to the Drowned Yards and the team departed. The next day, the group received a missive from the Lady Dacilane, matriarch of a powerful Chelish family in the Wise District of Absalom. She requested the presence of the Heroes of the Everflame at the feast to honor the memory of her daughter, lost these past ten years since the horror that befell the Tri-Towers.

The Heroes accepted Lady Dacilane’s invitation by attending her feast. The team was treated to a full nine course meal in honor of the nine levels of Hell. After a fulfilling if not somber celebration, the Heroes received Lady Dacilan’s blessing to search the Tri-Towers and the necropolis beneath it in the hopes that they would find some news of her daughter Junia’s remains. As the heroes took their leave, Loki the rogue, fulfilled a side mission from the Cheliax faction who had reason to believe that Lady Dacilane was a traitor to her country. With a quick distraction and a flick of the wrist, the kitsune relieved the heiress of her locket with none the wiser.

Lamashan 31st, 4715

The next morning, the party of Pathfinders set out from the Grand Lodge in the Foreign District to make their way across the whole of Absalom to what remained of Beldrin’s Bluff at the far East of the city’s perimeter. The heroes arrived to find the disaster site overcast with by a dark cloud with the air hanging thick and still. As they worked the key in the gate to the Drowned Yards, they were approached by a man who at first appeared to be a caretaker, Deris Marlinchen. Marlinchen was in fact the father of one of the children that attended the Tri-Towers school on that fateful day over a decade ago.

After the Pathfinders explained themselves and their mandate to enter the disaster area, Marlinchen offered to show them the “survivors” of the disaster in the school below. He claimed to be a sorcerer who saved several of the children from death in the collapsing building that day ten years earlier. The party decided to follow the man’s lead and watched as he led them along a barely visible path into the drowned schoolyard and rubble-strewn buildings.


Marlinchen led the heroes inside the school building to a classroom filled with phantom children listening to a ghostly teaching that gestured to them from the front of the room. The children sat still and lifeless staring ahead at the blackboard, a ghostly light filling the space behind their eyes. The adventurers searched the room to find a set of diaries written by the teacher that detailed a path to something hidden in the black pond outside.


The Heroes of the Everflame followed the directions in the diary to the black pond nearby and discovered the bubbling viscous center. Matthis the druid set out into the black water to examine the bubbling at the center of the pool. As he stepped closer, he got a clearer sight of the bubbling water which converged over a severed arm clutching a metal handle at the bottom of the pool. Attached to the arm and handle were a series of large eggs – apparently amphibian in nature – like that of a giant frog.

Without warning, the water around Matthis exploded, revealing two dark scaled Aquamonstrosities that bore down on the druid. The creatures from the black waters clawed the druid and tore his flesh – leaving him bloodied and wounded. The heroes dove into the pool to help their comrade, only to have one of the aquamonstrosities grab the small halfling, Janira, and drag her beneath the waters.

The heroes were able to catch up to the amphibious beasts and put them down beneath their swords. Matthis managed to cultivate a set of the aquamonstrosity eggs from the black water. Ele and Matthis examined the severed arm to find that it was very fresh – appearing to have been cut off in the past day. Working together, the heroes discovered that the metal handle opened a drain in the center of the pool which contained a hatch below therein.


The Pathfinders made their way down the hatch into the necropolis below – but Matthis’ tiger, Maya, refused to enter the evil waters. The heroes reached the bottom of the ladder to find a black necropolis waiting for them cold and silent. They examined the next few rooms to find a series of sarcophagi and in one room, the perfectly preserved body of a young nobleman. While they examined the young boy to see what preserved his form but not his life, they were attacked by an intellect devourer that sprung from the shadows to tear a hole into Eletho’s back. The creature turned invisible and hid from the warriors before they could retaliate. As they continued moving through the room, they were attacked again, this time, it was Matthis who was the victim of the four legged brain eater.

Working together, they surrounded the brain beast and smashed it into goo along the necropolis floors. Loki scouted forward by sneaking through the shadows to discover a series of interconnected antechambers. As he glided through the shadows, the kitsune heard a voice in his head, calling to him. Loki cast dancing lights to get a view of what was in the room to discover that a nosferatu vampire stood in front of him, waiting to strike. The beast tore into the rogue and left him wounded and weakened.


In response to the commotion down the hall, the rest of the party ran in to help Loki. A wave of ghouls attacked from the room to the north. Ug and Ele battled back the ghouls as the others were able catch up to the Nosferatu. Matthis hit the vampire with a burst of radiance and turned it to ashes.


They continued deeper into the necropolis to find a hexagonal room with several crypts lined up in alcoves. Eletho detected magic coming from one of the sarcophagi as well as an overall background level of necromantic energy all throughout the necropolis. Matthis edged into the room to see what was hiding in the shadows when he was hit with an overwhelming burst of psionic energy and left speechless and staring at the walls. A mythic intellect devourer called Omnor ran up from the ground and began climbing inside the druid’s gaping mouth. Loki the kitsune reacted quickly and snatched the four legged abomination by the hind legs and pulled it free of the druid’s mouth.

The heroes took turns grappling with the devourer and trying to get a grip on it as it blasted them with stunning energy and tried to crawl inside their mouths and eat their brains. In a madcap mishap the heroes piled on each other one by one in an attempt to get in a blow on their powerful diminutive foe. Finally, after Ug and Ele had been crushed by a pile of earth elementals, they were able to get in a blow that severely weakened the alien creature.

The creature shrunk down in size and dropped free of the kitsune’s grasp and landed on the chest of the prone half-orc, Ug the Invincible. Ug could do little by scream in horror as the four legged brain eater skittered up his chest toward his mouth. At the last second, one of Matthis’ earth elementals reached down and smashed the brain monster into a pile of pink goo on the barbarian’s chest.

The party continued searching the necropolis and discovered the remains of Junia, who had hidden inside the sarcophagus during a game of hide and seek when the earthquake hit the Tri-Towers those long ten years ago. Junia had discovered the ruby ring of the salamander and found her life sustained by it. The intellect devourers had been drawn to her mental suffering.

The Heroes of the Everflame returned from the necropolis with the still living body of Junia while Loki convinced Marlinchen not to stay in the necropolis with the ghosts of the children. Loki bluffed the disturbed man by convincing him that he should share his story with the Pathfinder Society back at the Grand Lodge.

The Heroes were rewarded handsomely by Lady Dacilane and were congratulated on a job well done by their venture-captain Dreng. The Heroes would be given one last task by the Pathfinder Society before they were to set off to Varisia. But first, they would rest.

A Nightmare in the Cave of the Last Azlanti
Pathfinder Society Scenario 5-8: The Confirmation


Lamashan 10th, 4715.

The Heroes of the Everflame received a message from the Master of Scrolls, Kreighton Shaine. It read, “Meet me where it all began, one hour before dawn.” They were instructed to meet Shaine in the morning at The Pig’s Paunch in Absolam. They bedded down to rest for the night before setting out early the next day.

That night, Matthis and Ug were awakened by sounds of a horse inside the West House of the Grand Lodge. Matthis opened his bedroom door to spy the grim sight of the headless Dark Rider stomping through the halls of the building wielding his deadly whip made of some unfortunate soul’s spine. As Ug and Matthis steeled themselves for the confrontation to come, the halls were darkened with the shadows of a kyton master and a balor demon lord come to feast.


The Heroes rallied to wake the others from sleep as their surroundings suddenly changed and they found themselves back in the ruins of Xin-Grafar and the City of Golden Death. Stunned by the sight of their new surroundings, the heroes could only watch in horror as the demonic and otherworldly forces bared down on them. Just as suddenly as they had appeared, it all disappeared.

Ug and Matthis were left standing and staring down the suddenly empty halls of the West House. The house patron, Arnistolientar Popswicker, emerged from his room to berate the warriors for making noise in the hall after dark and returned to his bed in a huff.

The next day, the Heroes traveled to the Pig’s Paunch in the Puddles District as directed. They entered the bustling establishment to find Kreighton Shaine awaiting them atop a table in the center of the room. He explained that he wanted the heroes to meet them there where the Pathfinder Society was first founded because he was sending them out to attain their confirmation into the society.

Kreighton introduced them to their guide for this assignment, Janira Gavix, an halfling pathfinder that recently completed her own confirmation. The Heroes were instructed to journey to a hidden cave in the Kortos Mounts to discover why the gillmen were making pilgrimages there during the full moon.

Janira led the group through the streets of Absolam to meet her friend Yaki Baga, an halfling occultist from the outskirts of Nidal. Yaki had been visiting Janira in Absolam and made note of the importance of the date and the full moon involved. On the way to the Kortos Mounts, the party discovered the grisly remains of a centaur that had been mutilated by something.

Yaki used her occultist abilities grave words to speak with the corpse and discovered that it was the victim of the Pale Bull, a legendary Minotaur rumored to roam the Cairnlands. The party committed the centaur body to the ground in a proper burial and then continued on toward the mountain range.

After a day’s travel across the Isle of Kortos, the Heroes set up camp for the night. That night during the third watch, the heroes were awakened by sudden cold and emerged from their tents to find the world around them coated in snow and ice. Suddenly, four large demonic ogre spiders of Orcus attacked from the shadows. The heroes braced for attack and just as suddenly as it began, it was all gone again. The landscape returned back to normal and the night went still – but all was not well.

Janira’s companion, Yaki, had fallen during the night. They discovered her laying on her back, clutching her time dragon’s tooth to her chest, with her face frozen in a rictus of pain. The party knew they had to continue on to complete their confirmation, so they performed a small ritual and buried Yaki quietly in the brushlands.

The next day, they arrived late in the afternoon to find the entrance to the caves that Janira discovered not too many months ago. Just as they approached the entrance, a great beast emerged from the treeline, it was the Pale Bull and it charged at them with murder in its bloodshot eyes. Janira tossed her backpack to Eletho and instructed her charges to enter the cave. She would lose the Minotaur in the brush and meet up with them later.


Reluctantly, the heroes agreed with her suggestion and did as they were told. They quickly entered the cavern entrance, leaving Janira on her own with the mighty monster. Ele, Ug, Matthis and Telez journeyed into the cavern to discover a great chamber decorated with carvings and ancient murals depicting the various guises of Aroden the Last Azlanti. They continued on deeper into the cave to find a gillman kneeling in a pool of water, meditating upon a small scale model of the city of Absolam itself. The ground was littered with coins, trinkets and various offerings.

The gillman introduced himself as Uori, a deaf oracle that traveled to the cave on a pilgrimage to be healed. Uori spotted the Azlanti sword at Eletho’s side and took it as a good omen from the gods. He offered to help the heroes by giving them his wand of shield of faith. The party left Uori to his meditations and continued to explore the cavern.


They came across the body of a dhampir that had fallen at the hands of his own necromantic experiment. Surrounding the dhampir’s body on all sides was a set of four-armed skeletons. The heroes battled the skeletons and smashed them to the ground. After going through the dhampir’s belongings, they came across a note. The note detailed his ambitions to “raise an army of alien undead” from the four-armed skeletons he had stolen from an excavation site in the Numerian town of Torch.

Matthis, the druid, spotted a secret passage that led to the surface. They continued into the tight tunnels and made their way through the winding maze until coming in view of the outside moonlight shining in the far end. The heroes had to make their way out carefully, as they had to deal with a patch of green slime, an amoeba swarm and a gelatinous cube that almost swallowed Ug whole when he almost walked face first into the translucent ooze.


The heroes emerged from the cavern to find Janira bravely battling the Pale Bull in the moonlight. Janira confidently uttered a tale of Pathfinder courage, inspiring the party as they walked into the scene. They rushed forward to help their Pathfinder comrade with Eletho taking the full brunt of the Pale Bull’s initial assault. The elf magus was left bloodied and battered by the powerful beast.

The heroes continued the valiant fight against the monster with Janira taking a powerful blow that almost cut her in two. The heroes were able to get the beast away from her and heal her enough to keep her from dying. Eventually, they were able to overcome the Pale Bull and strike it down with Mara the tiger tearing out the dying creature’s throat.


That night, the Pathfinder rested to regain their strength before making the trip back to Absolam on foot. They were awakened in the night to find themselves in a hellish landscape trapped inside metal cages from which there seemed no escape. A voice boomed out across the chamber, “you killed my brother!!!” A large demonic ogre spider strode into view bearing the twisted face of Frederick Bvuld, the second “Blood Brother.” Frederick Bvuld aka “No-Face” was a Nightmare Stalker that hunted his victims in their dreams and had been stalking the party since before they left Absolam.

Matthis realized they were trapped in a hallucinatory terrain and began willfully disbelieving their surroundings. Once he warned the others that they were trapped in a dream, they were able to shunt out of the hellscape and back into the waking world where they had camped outside of the caverns at the Kortos Mounts.

After a bloody battle, they overcame No-Face and severed his head from his body.

The heroes made a rather uneventful trip back to Absolam and reported their findings to Kreighton Shaine. Kreighton revealed to them that the four-armed skeletons were likely Kasatha skeletons from another planet in the Golarion solar system and would make a fine new addition to the Star Hall exhibits. The Heroes were also rewarded with the opportunity to name the caverns they had discovered. Matthis suggested the name, “the Cave of the Last Azlanti” as the site seemed sacred to both Aroden as well as the gillmen of Kortos.

Three days later, the Heroes were approached by the various masters of the Pathfinder Society and awarded their first ioun stones.

Into the Darkness of the Blakros Museum
Pathfinder Society Scenario #35: Voice in the Void


The Pathfinders returned to the Grand Lodge to recover from their wounds suffered at the hands of the Blood Brothers. Later that week, they were approached by master of scrolls, Krieghton Shaine, who stated that he had been asked to reward the heroes with a Harrow reading. Shaine performed the reading for the Heroes, with each drawing a card that was tied to their destiny. They rested and regained their strength over the next few days and generally took advantage of being in the City at the Center of the World.

Lamashan 9th, 4715

The Heroes of the Everflame were summoned into the office of venture-captain Adril Hestram. The notorious Blakros Museum in the Wise District of Absolam called for a favor from the Pathfinder Society. Hestram asked the Heroes to look into the disappearance of adventurer Imrizade Blakros, who had recently returned to the museum from Osirion only to vanish in the lower levels of the building.


The Heroes were led to the lower levels of Blakros where they entered a room marked “Storeroom 1” which was filled with an assortment of stuffed animals from across Golarion. Phase spiders, dire wolves, gorillons, charou-kau, and derhii winged gorillas filled the floor of the chamber with the great imposing skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus looming over them all. As the Heroes made their way through, they were surprised when the bones of the Tyrannosaurus sprung to life and began throwing them about.

The giant skeleton was resistant to the cold spells of the druid Matthis, but the sturdy blades of Ug the Invincible and Eletho the magus were able to bring it down. It was decided that Matthis should scout ahead using his wildshape ability to turn into an earth elemental and slide through the floors and walls of the museum. He was able to make his way through the next few rooms and discovered that a strange fungal growth had overtaken portions of the anterior rooms.

He returned to report his findings to the group who then decided to continue on through the next room which was filled with crates and boxes for storage. Ug and a few of the others decided to search through the room for missing papers and artifacts when someone noticed a strange ooze covering the wall near the door to the south. Upon closer examination, the black ooze sparkled and shone with glowing iridescent runes. As they studied the runes, a large mythic black pudding dropped down from the ceiling to land on Ug and Ele.

The party quickly moved to get out of the acidic reach of the black pudding but not before Matthis was exposed to its touch with the beast’s acid burning through his clothing and possessions. They moved into the third storeroom and discovered the alien flora that the druid had spied earlier. While they were making their way carefully past the otherworldly plant life, they were surprised by a strange tentacled humanoid that blasted them with a sudden burst of psionic energy. Both Ug and Luna were left helpless by the psionic attack while Ele and Matthis were able to survive the ambush from the robed humanoid. When the tentacled man was knocked to the ground, his body collapsed in a pile of winding tentacles that had up until then, only held the shape of a man.


Matthis wildshaped once more and continued into “Storeroom 2”, where the statues were kept in storage. As he searched the room, he discovered a set of black vellum scrolls in the bottom of a statue. Two of the statues near the door sprung to life as they were in fact gargoyles that were waiting for someone to come by. The two guardians battered the druid to the ground leaving the rest of the Heroes of the Everflame guessing as to what the commotion was about.

Ug and Ele led the charge into the room to find Matthis lying in a rocky pile in the middle of the floor. The gargoyles jumped on the adventurers and continued their assault. The heroes were able to survive the surprise and bashed the two animated statues down into a pile of rubble.

Matthis continued scouting and moved into the hidden shaft that they had discovered in the back room. He journeyed down the slime-coated shaft into a hidden chamber carved from rock. On the floor sat a small nondescript box in front of a large black curtain separating the chamber from another chamber beyond. Strange sickly green light bled through the edges of the curtain to bathe the walls in its dull glow.


The druid returned and led the party back down the tunnel. They decided to open the box on the floor, so Luna was chosen to inspect it under the guise of detect traps. Ele’s detect magic determined that the box was under a magic aura to make it radiate abjuration magic. Luna decided to throw caution to the wind and flung the chest open wide – both triggering the electrical arc trap and releasing the swarm of centipedes hidden within.

Combat ensued and it wasn’t long before the missing Blakros museum guards emerged from beyond the curtain – attacking mindlessly with their eyes rolled into their heads. Ug attempted to knock one out with the flat of his blade, but the guard’s skull caved in like papier mache at his touch. The guards had strange holes in their temples that oozed green and black.

Ele unleashed a flaming sphere to handle the swarm attack and the black curtain was torn down, revealing a ancient portal to another world glowing green at the end of the chamber. Flanking the portal were Imrizade Blakros – now covered in some strange gooey growth and another of the strange tentacled humanoids like the party had battled earlier.


Ug charged at the group – but was stopped in his tracks by a field of black tentacles cast by Imrizade. The tentacle creature blasted the group with another psionic sap will, leaving Luna staring helplessly at the ceiling and babbling like an idiot. Matthis the druid wildshaped into an earth elemental and crossed through the earth using earthglide to attack Imrizade and the tentacle man. Matthis and his elementals were able to subdue Imrizade. Ele shouted instructions to Matthis on how to deactivate the portal and remove the strange metal cylinder that was powering it.

The Heroes were able to rescue Imrizade without killing her or animating her as an undead skeleton and returned her safely to the care of the Blakros Museum. In so doing, they helped the Pathfinder Society gain the trust of the the Blakros Family and were rewarded with access to their vast archives.

Later at the Grand Lodge, the heroes shared their findings with the Master of Scrolls, Kreighton Shaine, who explained that the strange creatures with tentacles were actually members of the Phrenic Scourge – an otherworldly race bent on intergalactic subjugation. The portal they discovered was connected to the enigmatic planet Aucturn in the furthest, coldest reaches of Golarion’s solar system.


The Heroes Receive a Bloody Welcome to Absolam
Pathfinder Society Quest: Ambush in Absalom


Lady Ofarah revealed a ring gate leading into the Conundrum archives of Lamasara containing the records of the past 100 years of Thuvian auctions for the sun orchid elixir. The Heroes of the Everflame journeyed into the lower dungeon to find themselves faced with several puzzles involving the elements.


They faced tougher than expected opposition from a trio of earth elementals, made their way across the standing poles of the air node, crossed the ring of fire, solved the riddle of the four cups and finally made their way into the archives proper. They were beset upon by a cadre of skeletal warriors and two Hieracosphinxes that guarded the archives within.


The party overcame the guardians and absconded with a chest and a set of archives that had been left out purposefully for them to find. They returned through the ring gate and to the Grand Lodge of Absolam where they presented the archives to Kreighton Shaine, Master of Scrolls of the Pathfinder Society.

Later in the week, the Heroes were invited to take the Oath of the Pathfinder Society with a few other graduating initiates. The party was escorted to a chamber deep inside the Grand Lodge where they were joined by Ambrus Valsin, Kreighton Shaine, and Ollysta Zadrian, venture-captain of the Silver Crusade of the Pathfinder Society. They were led through the oath and completed the ceremony by casting light with their wayfinders.

The next day, the Heroes were called in to the office of venture-captain Ambrus Valsin who sent them on an assignment into the sewers of Absolam to find a messenger that had gone missing the day before.

As the party approached the messenger’s trail in the sewers, they heard a cry for help. Racing around the corner, they discovered a scene of carnage with bodies and body parts laying around in bloody heaps. The cry for help came from a young woman, Valestra who said she had been on her way home from a party in the Wise District when she was attacked and woke up here in the sewers.


While the party helped Valestra to her feet, they were attacked from behind by the lumbering figure of Werner Bvuld aka “Blood Face” (escaped from the Asylum in the Wise Disctrict) who had been hiding beneath the pile of bodies. Caught off guard, the warriors could do little but react as the behemoth struck suddenly and viciously. Blood Face cornered Eletho and struck him across the face, destroying his right eye and leaving him blinded and helpless.

Ug and Loki sprung into action and were able to strike the killer down. As they turned to help Valestra, Blood Face rose silently behind them and attacked once more. They were able to survive the second onslaught and took time to behead Blood Face – ensuring that his evil would spread no further.

The heroes sat and tended their wounds as Ele was left in a bloodied state by the sudden attack.

The Immortal Conundrum in the Heart of Absolam
Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-10: The Immortal Conundrum pt.1


Erastus 5th, 4715

After some months had passed, the Heroes of the Everflame gathered at the Seven Silvers Inn for another night of sharing old stories around the hearth fire when the front door blew in bringing a storm from outside and a mysterious stranger. The strange figure turned out to be none other than Ezren, the Wizard, returned with news from the Pathfinder Society.


Ezren rewarded each of the heroes with 1000 gold pieces from the coffers of the Society as well as letters of recommendation for a field commission – sealed by a member of the Decemvirate. Ezren shared word that he was on a Pathfinder mission to follow the trail of the Sihedron artifact deep into the heart of Varisia. He also warned the party that there was an ongoing conflict with a group of Runelord cultists throughout Varisia as well.

Ug showed Ezren his own Sihedron Medallion. Ezren warned him to keep it safe and deliver it to Absolam for further study. With that, Ezren left a scroll of teleport for the party to use and departed.

Rova 27th, 4715

After gathering their resources and bidding farewell to their friends and family, the Heroes of the Everflame left the safe confines of Kassen’s Hold once more and were teleported to the doorstep of the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society in Absolam. They were welcomed inside the Grand Lodge and directed to wait with the other aspirants in the nearby dormitory.

The party was indoctrinated on the ways of the Pathfinder Society by the recruiters and were being inducted into the barracks when Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin arrived and escorted the heroes out. Ambrus explained to the party that they had been given field commissions and would therefore be allowed to skip the initiation process that often lasts for years. He awarded each with their own wayfinder and welcomed them into the ranks of the Pathfinder Society.

Lamashan 4th, 4715

The Heroes of the Everflame were summoned into the office of Kreighton Shaine, the Master of Scrolls of the Pathfinder Society, for a special meeting. Shaine explained that they had received an invitation from Lady Ofarah Ohatepe, the Lioness of Lamasara, Pride Mistress of Queen Zamere’s personal bodyguard and custodian of the sun orchid elixir of Thuvia to a special birthday celebration at the local embassy. The Heroes of the Everflame had been chosen to represent the Pathfinder Society at the party because they were responsible for killing Iramine who was named as a guest on the original party list.


The next day, the Heroes dressed in their finest suits and with peace-bonded weapons, approached the Thuvian embassy in the heart of the Foreign District of Absolam. They were introduced to several Pathfinder luminaries who were in attendance at the party as guests including Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage, Ceralan the White, Gaspar Desime, Lady Gloriana Morilla, Pracountess Zarta Dralneen, Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam, and Yala Withcbane.


The party intermingled with the other guests for an half hour before they were ushered in to the dining room with the Lady Ofarah waiting for them at the head of the table. The guests were served to a meal of six courses along with much drinking and carousing. During the meal, Lady Ofarah questioned each of her dinner guests in turn, asking them of various topics ranging from thoughts on the local aristocracy, military might, history, honor, duty, and compassion.

Ofarah regarded each of her guests’ answers with great interest but was not above showing her dissatisfaction at some of the answers given. Just as the night was winding down and most of the Pathfinder guests had already departed, Ofarah’s childhood friend, Ceralan the White, leaned in with an awkward query and lunged at Ofarah.

The Heroes of the Everflame reacted swiftly and struck down the assassin and his co-horts. They discovered a note on Ceralan’s body revealing him to be an assassin named Abroziel in disguise. He had been hired to kill Lady Ofarah while she was vulnerable at her own party.

As the rest of the guests were leaving, Ofarah excused herself from the proceedings but not before inviting the Heroes to meet with her upstairs.

“I have something to tell you,” she began.

And here endeth the chronicle for today’s session.


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