Heroes of the Everflame

Royal Allies and Demonic Adversaries on Streets of Gold.

City of Golden Death pt. 4


The heroes of the Everflame continued their trek across the desolate cityscape of Xin-Grafar in pursuit of Iramine the Mad Elf. They were surprised when they came across a group of twisted skeleton ogres coated in gold. They watched from safety as the golden ogres battered at a strange webbed shelter.

Before they could act, a spear came flying from the narrow alleys of Xin-Grafar – striking one of the golden ogres between the shoulders, knocking it forward. Following the spear from the shadows came the racing figure of Prince Alinafe the last guardian of Kestrillon. Working with Alinafe, the heroes made short work of Tar Baphon’s ogres and freed the occupant of the webbed shelter – “Seeker” – the flaming skeletal wolf companion to Prince Alinafe.

With Loki the Kitsune serving as a translator, the heroes followed Alinafe’s instructions to make it through the city. Alinafe revealed the secret mystical traps of Tar Baphon scattered throughout the city. After working together to defeat another batch of summoned smoke elementals, Prince Alinafe tested the heroes’ wit by tasking them with a riddle:

I cannot be other than what I am,
  Until the man who made me dies
Power and glory will fall to me finally,
  Only when he last closes his eyes.

Ug the Invincible guessed correctly that the answer was “a prince” so Alinafe bestowed his blessings on the heroes before disintegrating into thousand year old ashes, leaving his magic weapons behind. Matthis the druid picked up the Spear of the Four Winds while Loki the Kitsune grabbed the dangerous abysium hand axe that Alinafe claimed was the cause of his undead condition.


The heroes continued through the streets of Xin-Grafar and were ambushed by a pair of demonic assassins set upon the bridge by Iramine’s magic. The babau demons caught the party by surprise and a fierce battle ensued. The heroes battled tooth and nail with the spear wielding assassins, trying in vain to find an advantage. Through sheer strength and an assortment of cold iron weapons, the warriors were able to survive the onslaught.

They continued on – arriving at the gate to the second ring of Xin-Grafar. Before them stands two ominous gold covered statues, guarding the passage with crossed ranseurs.



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