king of the storval stairs


The PCs are sent to map the Storval Stairs and ensure the stairs provide a safe route to the Storval Rise from Magnimar, but upon their arrival, they find the ancient site claimed and “ruled” by the self-proclaimed King of the Storval Stairs. Only through guile, diplomacy, or cold steel will the Pathfinders ensure access to iconic Thassilonian location.


Formoch is the self-proclaimed King of the Storval Stairs. So named, because he had the power to take the Stairs from the surrounding Shoan Qua Shoanti tribes and declared himself “king”. Formoch oversees his kingdom from the giant town of Minderhal, two days’ journey from the top of the stairs.

When Formoch was slain by the Pathfinder Society, his body turned into a page from the fabled Book of the Damned. The page was taken into safety by the Heroes of the Everflame to take back to the Grand Lodge in Absalom.


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