Book of the Damned


Held between covers of bladed steel, stretched human flesh, and compressed ashes, this massive collection of loose folios, leathery scrolls, and gory manuscripts is the authoritative volume on unspeakable topics and evils for which there are no names.


The Book of the Damned contains the multiverse’s single greatest collection of profane lore, detailing the evil planes and their denizens with an audacious comprehensiveness beyond that which a tome of its size should be able to physically contain. This blasphemous book consists of numerous scattered chapters divided into three volumes—daemonic, demonic, and diabolic. Should all chapters of those three volumes be united in their entirety, the completed compilation exhibits the following abilities. The complete Book of the Damned radiates a permanent unhallow effect in a 150-foot radius and a sympathy effect tuned to attract all evil creatures. Any creature of good alignment that willingly touches the tome must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude save or be immediately slain. Additionally, while the Book of the Damned is outside of its repository (see below), any evil being of demigod-level power (daemonic harbingers, demon lords, infernal dukes) or greater using scry or a similar spell can view the Book of the Damned with no risk of being detected by the bearer. Finally, any creatures that make use of any of the tome’s abilities are damned, condemned to one of the Lower Planes after death regardless of their deeds. Only the intervention of a deity can prevent this punishment.

Book of the Damned

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